reacted The speed is even worse, and it can’t hide. There are still two games. It seems that I need to prepare well. I can’t be overconfident and I have been counter-attacked. His Nanjing sauna Smith has become a big joke in the world, and it is a big joke that will accompany his life. So, in the early morning of the next day, Meimei enjoyed a delicious ham sandwich and kissed the spa, then bid farewell to Ivana’s gentle township, and began to understand the technical characteristics of the next opponent with the old coach Alexie. The series has targeted training and cracks some of the defensive tricks that the other party might use for him. Coach Alexie saw that the Nanjing Sauna attaches importance to the competition, and the heart is naturally very happy. Some things, personal experience can be a hundred times stronger than his bitter preaching. To say that the Nanjing sauna is no problem, skill, physical strength, reaction speed, explosive power, especially the physical quality is superhuman, talent is different, the only thing missing is the accumulation of competition experience. Since the Nanjing sauna began to participate in this competitive sport, the real competitions even participated in less than 20 games. The experience is naturally incomparable to those who have experienced many battles, but fortunately his strength is indeed higher than that. The power of man, and the speed of reaction to tai to make up for these deficiencies. The tactical xing fortification is essentially a matter of scorn, and the sporting spirit of boxing is a brave person. To deal with this kind of tactics, you must have a higher level of speed and technology, which also affects the fairness of the game. However, the important thing is that the rules allow! This is boxing! Nanjing sauna has some helpless look at the assistant coach who was taught by the old coach Alexie. The opponent almost used a completely sloppy style of play and he was really eager to punch him. As soon as he attacked, the other party ran around like a mo