Just when ye Dong came to build foundations, there appeared anomalies everywhere, pointing directly to Panlong college.

Therefore, heaven will realize that this reincarnation is probably the person who has been “inherited”.

Since he is a compatriot, he must be saved, whether he is a monster or not. Moreover, all reincarnation demons are always very strong, so long as they are their own people, are they evil spirits or demons?

Thus, the nearest heaven branch, which is led by Mu Chi, came to the Panlong college.

But heaven will be an organization that can not be made public.

Nowadays, some of the blood thinning people are living among ordinary people and are harmless. Ordinary people will not specifically target them.

But if the world knows that there are still a large number of great masters of the power, even the existence of such an organization like heaven, the powers of the Yi people will be in trouble.

00 it is not worth worrying about the scattered weak and powerful people. But once a gang is gathered, it’s not the same.

In those days, it was not because too many or too strong people in the power group had led to the almost annihilation.

Therefore, Mu Chi led the members of the division, disguised as Ziyang school, and openly appeared as a decent person outside Panlong college.

As for why the masquerade is the Ziyang school?

Because Ziyang is very strong, it is very convenient to do anything.

Moreover, Ziyang school is far away from Panlong college. Even if the real purple Yang school sends people to Panlong college, it is not as fast as Mu Chi’s action.

“The division is close to fifty people,It doesn’t really need everyone to disguise it. It’s mainly me, pretending to be Johnson of Ziyang school. After all, everyone knows Johnson, and other ordinary family members can’t recognize it all. Moochi was eloquently explaining to Ye Donglai.

Ye Dong came to pondering: “so is the ability of Mu brothers to be related to camouflage?”

Mocchi nodded: “my ability is a complete change of appearance and breath, completely transformed into another person, and can help others to disguise, but it will be a bit of trouble to do it.”

“There is this ability.” Ye Donglai is an eye opener.

The general camouflage is nothing more than a mask. However, it is difficult to change a person’s temperament, breath and spiritual power.

However, the ability of Mu Chi can change everything. No wonder he pretends to be the elders of Ziyang school, but no one doubts it.

“But I don’t know yet. What is the ability of Ye boss? Such a concentration of blood is bound to exert an extremely powerful ability. ” Then Mochi was curious.

All the people present looked eagerly at this question.

They all understood that the blood of Ye Dong was very high and the ability was strong. But there is no way to guess what it is.

Moreover, the purity of blood vessels is not as intuitive as the number of 12345. Generally, the purity of blood vessels can only be described by stronger and weaker.

What is the degree of purity of Ye Donglai’s blood?It is also necessary to demonstrate concretely through his abilities.

The 242nd chapter of the text tells the world about the world.