“Call me… call me…”


In the hall, tables and chairs were smashed and nearly a hundred people fell to the ground, as if they had been gyrated by dozens of times by a group of gorillas. Everyone was blind and unclear, some even flushed, mouth and nose bleeding, whole body convulsions.

“Oh… uh…”

After a long period of time, several talents improved slightly and looked at the confusion. Wang Weiwei also curled up in the corner and couldn’t figure out what’s going on. What happened? What happened?


A sudden screaming beside him, Xinfang hurried back in a hurry, pointing to a man who shivered and was one of the guys who had been madly pounding himself.

“Do not come! Don’t come!”

“Fang Jie, Fang Jie!”

Wang Weiwei clings to her, whispers in comfort, and raises her eyes again. Then she calls out: “Twelve sisters, are you okay?”


The 12 sisters were deeper in their cultivation and awakened more quickly. They were looking around on the stage.

She did not care for each other, but scrutinized the body, and found herself in complete disappointment. Her cheongsam was dignified. She tried luck again, and her inner law was normal. She gave a finger, gasped her fingertips, and directed her way to the window.


The gas inside hit a layer of invisible barriers. If rivers enter the sea, they disappear instantly.

Twelve sister face a white, was trapped!

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