The idea of compromise, to witness my commitment, I will always accompany you, care for you, dote on you, marry me, OK? ” Li Tianya looked at Xia Shui Qing to open his mouth.

This is a great departure. Luckily, Li had experienced a wedding before, nor was he caught unprepared.

“Clean up your sister!” I’m sorry, this is the meaning of the uncle of the uncle. It’s better to make a decision than to wait for the two phase. I hope you think about it and make a decision, because it is a matter of life’s decision on your life. ” Ma Su looked at Xia Shui Qing, and uttered a deep speech.

Xia Shuiqing seemed to be surprised by the “attack”, and immediately looked up at Ma Su, and saw her smiling face, and immediately put his hand over his face and began to cry.

Li Tianya half kneeled on the floor, holding the ring box in his hands, but silently waiting in his heart.

Everyone automatically rose and looked forward to this scene.

It’s only one or two minutes. It’s really one or two minutes.

“Do you really want to give up the so-called vanity, choose our younger sister to make a family, to marry a wife and make a son, and to give up, support each other and make progress together in the first life of her life?” Ma Su immediately asked Li Tianya.

“I would like to!” Li Tianya’s affirmative answer, without a little hesitation.

“You really want to cut off the virtual love, take Xia Shuiqing as your wife, take care of her life! Choose a light and real life? ” Ma Su asked Li Tianya again.

“I would like to!” Li Tianya was still clanging and forceful.”Xia Shui Qing you all heard, you would like to marry Li Tianya, and he began to live a flat real life, a couple, from then on the teacher, the common experience of life and the wind and rain?” Ma Su immediately asked Xia Shui Qing!

Everyone looked at Xia Shuiqing with an extremely enviable look.

Xia Shuiqing only brought his hands, then looked at Li Tianya, looked at Ma Su, looked at these friends, and finally looked up at the ceiling.

After a long time, Xia Shui Qing extended his hand. “I will!” Li Tianya immediately opened the ring with surprise and put it on for Xia Shui Qing.

This is an eternal diamond ring!

At least a million!

“Good!” When Ma Su opened his mouth, he applauded, whether people were willing or not, and began applauding and witnessing this moment.

“God, please get up. We’ll give you thirty minutes. Please buy a wedding dress. Let’s witness a sudden wedding for you. This is our third requirement. We must finish it. ” Ma Su opened his mouth with a smile.

Li Tianya immediately spoke to the intelligent brain watch, saying, “apply for voice calls with Wang Zhilong!”

“… Big brother? Do you have any instructions! ” Wang Zhilong’s voice could be heard by all.

“You often boast that you have a relative in your dream headquarters. Let him buy a dream wedding dress immediately, and send it to me at once! Political task, understand? ” Li Tianya asked at once!

“Understand! Ensure the completion of the task! ” Wang Zhilong immediately hung up the phone.First of all, let’s pay a toast to our uncle and uncle.

“Call me… call me…”


In the hall, tables and chairs were smashed and nearly a hundred people fell to the ground, as if they had been gyrated by dozens of times by a group of gorillas. Everyone was blind and unclear, some even flushed, mouth and nose bleeding, whole body convulsions.

“Oh… uh…”

After a long period of time, several talents improved slightly and looked at the confusion. Wang Weiwei also curled up in the corner and couldn’t figure out what’s going on. What happened? What happened?


A sudden screaming beside him, Xinfang hurried back in a hurry, pointing to a man who shivered and was one of the guys who had been madly pounding himself.

“Do not come! Don’t come!”

“Fang Jie, Fang Jie!”

Wang Weiwei clings to her, whispers in comfort, and raises her eyes again. Then she calls out: “Twelve sisters, are you okay?”


The 12 sisters were deeper in their cultivation and awakened more quickly. They were looking around on the stage.

She did not care for each other, but scrutinized the body, and found herself in complete disappointment. Her cheongsam was dignified. She tried luck again, and her inner law was normal. She gave a finger, gasped her fingertips, and directed her way to the window.


The gas inside hit a layer of invisible barriers. If rivers enter the sea, they disappear instantly.

Twelve sister face a white, was trapped!