“The Archmage may have been too cautious to actually let us three together.”


Agu is a brawny two-meter tall man, with thick arms and thick legs, and he can feel a kind of overbearing power just by looking at the muscles. He came back and forth in a circle and his words were quite upset.

Quetro was more calm and said: “Don’t downplay the enemy. There are not many people who can come in now. If it is Phoenix Mountain, we will be in trouble.”

“Phoenix Mountain is terrible, but I always feel overstated.”

Agu handed it a touch on the rocks, and the pointed stone top was covered with thick palms. The gravel rushed over and fell into a flat top.

He cracked his mouth and still didn’t care much, saying: “We can’t beat the Archmage when we add up. Can that name be even more powerful?”

The internal level of Shamanism is the Archmage – Master – deacons, chiefs – general education – the periphery. They are all mages. They can be assigned to a city level. At this moment, they are sent out to contain it. It is inevitable that there will be some imbalances.

“Okay! We didn’t see it with our own eyes, but the information we collected won’t be false.”

The only female Camman was too lazy to hear and said: “We still think about how …”


She is like a duck being pinched by her neck and staring dumbly at two people on the rock. There is no sign, no awareness, as if it suddenly appeared.


Agu and Getu found it wrong, but also looked up, it was a shake.


Nine individuals have shown off their weapons and are on the verge of an enemy.

“Wow, many people!”

Xiaoqiu looked at the field and looked surprised.

Nanjing Night Net frowned and said: “Don’t practice anymore, hurry up and make a quick decision.”

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