“The Archmage may have been too cautious to actually let us three together.”


Agu is a brawny two-meter tall man, with thick arms and thick legs, and he can feel a kind of overbearing power just by looking at the muscles. He came back and forth in a circle and his words were quite upset.

Quetro was more calm and said: “Don’t downplay the enemy. There are not many people who can come in now. If it is Phoenix Mountain, we will be in trouble.”

“Phoenix Mountain is terrible, but I always feel overstated.”

Agu handed it a touch on the rocks, and the pointed stone top was covered with thick palms. The gravel rushed over and fell into a flat top.

He cracked his mouth and still didn’t care much, saying: “We can’t beat the Archmage when we add up. Can that name be even more powerful?”

The internal level of Shamanism is the Archmage – Master – deacons, chiefs – general education – the periphery. They are all mages. They can be assigned to a city level. At this moment, they are sent out to contain it. It is inevitable that there will be some imbalances.

“Okay! We didn’t see it with our own eyes, but the information we collected won’t be false.”

The only female Camman was too lazy to hear and said: “We still think about how …”


She is like a duck being pinched by her neck and staring dumbly at two people on the rock. There is no sign, no awareness, as if it suddenly appeared.


Agu and Getu found it wrong, but also looked up, it was a shake.


Nine individuals have shown off their weapons and are on the verge of an enemy.

“Wow, many people!”

Xiaoqiu looked at the field and looked surprised.

Nanjing Night Net frowned and said: “Don’t practice anymore, hurry up and make a quick decision.”

Shamanism is a very special group.


It is not a religion because there are no strict systems and canons, and it is only those people who have shaman behavior. It was widely distributed among the nomads in Guanwai, southwest and northwest, and there are slight differences in all areas, but they are generally similar.

However, in modern times, the adherents directly set up sects in order to concentrate their beliefs and facilitate management. In a strict sense, they are no longer pure shamanism. They are like ancient astrology, inviting God, praying, and other secret techniques. All are lost. Instead, they absorbed some tantric and necromancers such as Tanggut, and even Western exotic religions.

This great mage is the principal in the northwest region.

For decades, they have infiltrated all walks of life. They have been ambushed from top to bottom, and the amount of information they hold is extremely large. Basically, when the Xia government learned of the concept of Reiki, they already knew it.

A group of restless people is about to make a move. The main task of the northwest region is to follow a map handed down from their ancestors and to restart an altar near Jiaohe.

“How far is it?”

The results of several generations of hard work have finally surfaced. The Archmage also has some urgency.

“Only in front, in front!”

The runners sweated and walked for a while. Suddenly they stopped and said, “It is there!”

Everyone stops at Guanlan, see here is Daokou, there is a huge rock hanging roof, under a shadow. On the left side of the hill, there is another hole, and the outer wall shows signs of destruction.

This hole was originally a gap in the mountain, but also hidden in the shadow of boulders, can only lean over and climb out. If Nanjing Night Net is not congenital and feels a strange atmosphere, he cannot find it.

This is the reason why Zhang Wei holds him.

Of course, they are now making corpses, can smell the gas of guilty devils, and are facing each other in a tumultuous manner.

“Someone came?”

The Grand Master looked at the trace, his face brushed down, his thoughts turned, and finally he was calm and calm: Forget it.

Immediately after he pulled out a weird human scroll, he recognized the position and said, “This is a wormhouse, and the real entrance should be over there.”

“Grand Master!”


About a dozen miles away from the site of the fight, two black robes hurriedly came and bowed: “We searched all the way and found no clues.”


An old man nodded and motioned them to return to the team.

In a short while, several groups of people ran over and reported: “Nothing was found in the northeast!”

“Southeast did not find!”

“Unexpectedly found in the northwest!”

The old man looked around and suddenly asked, “Bathu and Batu?”

“Not yet.” Someone said yes.


He frowned, apparently feeling unhappy, and the body exhaled a strange cold atmosphere, and the temperature dropped a few moments. Everyone was a tremble, and he looked down, for fear of being involved without reason.

Fire Island can only enter congenitally. Of course, they are not congenital, but through a certain secret technique, the physical quality will be forced to a very high level, you can resist the erosion of fire aura.

Most of the people here, if placed in the Qiyun Daoyuan, are the best players in the rankings. However, in the face of an archmage, it was as if the mouse had met with a cat.

The old man, who was the old man who spoke to Zhang Wei at the beginning, had gray hair and a strong body. The double pupils were blood red, like ghosts in hell.

“The brothers, despite their publicity, have worked hard to deal with it. There must be some trouble. Agu, you took people…”

As soon as he wanted to command it, he heard a distant shout: “Grand Master!”

Everyone turned around, but it was Batu who shouldered his shoulders, ran sly and came back, panting: “Master, no, it’s not good!”

“what happened?”

“We searched with corpses and met a man and a woman. The corpses were destroyed by them.”

“What does it look like?” he sang.

“They are tall, they have good looks, women have instruments, superb swordsmanship, men, men…”

Batu’s breath became more and more heavy and seemed to be dominated by some kind of rolling fear, and the semi-sounding party spit out a few words: “Powerful! Very powerful!”


The Archmage wasn’t right. His face was as deep as the water, and he asked, “What about your brother?”

“He covers me. Maybe he may have been killed!” Batu revealed a bit of grief.

“So you’re stupid enough to escape?” His voice was suddenly sharp.


Batu’s eyes widened, with panic and panic, and suddenly he felt a special familiarity. It was just a spectator, but it is here.

“Your warfare is really good, but your brain is worrying. You are hurting this level. The recovery will consume a lot of God’s liquid… The ancestors will remember your credit and go ahead with it.”

When the words fell, he reached out and grabbed his opponent’s skull.


Batu struggled desperately, but to no avail, he felt his vital energy clearly and clearly, and he was quickly drained along with that dry hand.


In just ten seconds, the man was like a dried stinky sac, softly squatting on the ground. The red mage of the Archmage flashes, and the light is a little more powerful. It orders:

“Agu, Goto and Canmar, you are here to stay with you. At no cost will you allow them to pass!”


“Other people, follow me!”

Saying that the three mages left with two people in their places. The rest, including five mages, twelve ghosts, and a dozen other men, hula la to the northwest.

Zhang Shuzhen is very dissatisfied

 “Mom, this matter is hard to blame me, the reason for the matter everybody knows, his father is also a discipline, after all, his own things at home, after all, will not change it.” As a result, no one spoke, and Grandma Song thought she was the air, and she lost her breath. “itundefineds all right. Donundefinedt take it personally. Mom is angry.” Listen to Song run say so, Zhang Shuzhen is really angry cry, she is what ah, people simply ignore her. What does Song run think? He felt that the children were really difficult to discipline, his son, he did not love? But Song Yang makes people feel bad, you have no mother is poor, but can not understand a little bit?