well, your uncle Huang is driving

“. Letundefineds all go out and play.” Lang Chun-nan likes, ah, she likes the old three. The child has a sweet mouth. The car was bought, to tell the truth, spent a lot of money, Huang Weiye himself does not have so much money, no matter how hard he can save this money by his wages. The money was taken by Lang Chun-nan, thinking about the convenience of going out, especially to the hospital, otherwise such a young child would be able to twitch immediately if he said an emergency. Lang Chun-nan really has money in his hands. There are a lot of goldfish in his hands. Buying a car is not a problem. It was still a celebrity in the Republic of China. There is a car, really convenient a lot of weekend with the Huang Ying out to play, the child does not pull the face. Quite happy to go out, go to the market shop to take a stroll, very interesting.

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