matter was settled like this

To introduce Huang Weiye, “this is Huang Wai-ye, our unit transferred in the military, very capable and promising.” I wish you would for this meal, Marley and-in it. The. Guo Lili was really satisfied. She felt that she had met someone. Huang Weiye, who had the ability to be very steady, summed it up as reliable. She was very willing to marry herself-and she thought it would be nice to get married quickly and have a lot of nighttime dreams. So it was at the end of the month, and Huang Wai-yuk said very little. What he thought to himself was actually not clear to all, but not opposed. His sense of existence was not very strong. When she came home, she had gone to bed, and she had been tampering with Lao San for a long time this afternoon.

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