Huang Ying listened in her ears

. She liked to go to temples. Some people were born with the Buddha and should serve the Buddha. Since I am happy, I donundefinedt sleep, with Huang Weiye together, Huang Wei-ye never said that the child is not good, whatever it is, a kiss hugging high, a period of jingle. “Uncle, take me with you. I havenundefinedt been there. My parents didnundefinedt have to say it. They all went to my grandmaundefineds house.” Song Zhimin arrived early, and knew he was going, and Kabbah followed him with his little eyes. The author has something to say: my classmate went to Tibet, served for seven years, sent me a video at noon today. My first reaction was to get up and find the best angle. I asked her if I was getting old. She said I was still like before, and that moment I wanted to cry. I asked her if she would go home for the Chinese New year. She said she didnundefinedt know. Now Tibet to Hebei canundefinedt come back if it doesnundefinedt buy a ticket. She was very strong. At first we agreed to go together, but in the end I didnundefinedt go, because I knew I could not come back after a lifetime. I served in the mainland for five years. She told me that she had found a boyfriend there, who was not handsome and very fat. She hoped she would be happy. I mean it.

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